Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

About Us

Our History

The history of Mother Teresa Trust (MTT) began when the Founder had an ‘Eureka’ moment. One day, as usual, he went for a night walk with his wife and that was when an idea came to his mind. He asked his wife, “Why don’t we start a charitable trust to help the poor and the needy?” A lot of thinking went in the process of deciding the name for the trust and that was when the Founder suggested that we name the organization after the Divine Angel of Compassion, Mother Teresa, whose selfless service has inspired millions around the world. We wrote a letter to Mother, who at that period of time was in Calcutta in the year 1997. The letter was sent with a hope of getting a reply and our hope didn’t fade, as we received a letter after 6 days written by the Mother herself.

She said that she was very pleased with the idea of starting a charitable trust to help the poor, as it is a noble task of doing selfless service with love, compassion and a generous heart. She was happy on hearing that the trust was going to be named after her and added that she thanked the Lord for calling us to do his work of helping the people in need. We were awestruck on receiving a letter from the Mother herself and the contents of the letter inspired us which led us to create this organization and name it as ‘Mother Teresa Trust’.

Mother Teresa Trust was registered under the Government in 1999. This memorable incident opened our hearts and made us see the world through the eyes of a compassionate heart. People go through a lot of obstacles and struggles in the journey of life. They constantly need someone to lift them up and help them in their journey, especially people who are poor and belong to backward classes. We, the members of MTT act as guardian angels to the poor, downtrodden and under priviledged children, women and eldery people. Thus following the footsteps of Mother Teresa we try in bringing about a change in the society by helping everyone who are in need, especially the marginalized people, irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and religion, as the Mother has said.

“Service to mankind is service to God.”

Founder's Desk



Mother Teresa Trust is a Non - governmental organisation working relentlessly for the upliftment of the socially and economically deprived people.

Since the emergence of our Trust, various projects have been undertaken, as can be seen on the website. All projects of MTT are interlinked and standout as an inspiration for many individuals and other social institutions.

May I, on behalf of the organisation, appeal to you for donating generously for the betterment of the socially and economically deprived people of our society and in-turn get satisfied by helping our citizens. Our organisation work’s solely on the banking of such donors, who have no access to help the deprived sections of the society.


"Selfless charity to the poor and homeless to make them self-sustainable".


"To cater to the needs of the poor, old-aged people, women and to provide educational financial assistance to poor students".