Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.


1. Child Labour

Madhumitha (name changed) is a 11 year old girl from Chennai. Her father, an agricultural labourer in a village used to send her to work to his landowner’s house in Chennai. She was ill-treated and physically abused which lead to physical and mental trauma in the child. She was given insufficient food, dress and had to work hard for long hours. The owner’s wife often beat her. One day, unable to bear the tortures any further, she ran into the neighbour’s house and hide herself in their electric motor room. The neighbours became aware of the commotion and the true problem, brought the issue to our notice. Our staff immediately reached the spot and rescued the child, who was safely handed over to the government destitute home.

2. Poor Farmer

Ramadoss (name changed) is a farmer who earns his living by ploughing fields. He has two daughters and he is the bread winner of the family. Everyday he walks for nearly 4 kilometres to sell his produce. He didn’t have enough money to buy a vehicle as he was only getting wages daily. When we came to know of this, MTT immediately brought a bicycle and provided him. Now he is able to save his time as well as goes to other works and in this way he earns more money.

3. Handicapped Lady

Ranganayagi (name changed) is a physically challenged woman from Chennai. Because of her disability she was not able to earn. She had to be dependent on someone or the other to take her to places. She felt that she was a burden to everyone. Knowing her plight, MTT took the initiative to change her life and brought a two-wheeler (for the handicapped) for her. Now she is not dependent on anyone and goes to work in her motorbike.